How to cut 500 calories a day

A healthy lifestyle includes proper diet and regular physical activity of any kind. Proper diet or nutrition doesn’t necessarily include eating less, and the trick is eating just as many calories as your body needs. If you eat much more, you have to burn them with some exercise, and that can be really hard.

Diet and Calories

dietAn average woman should take about 2000 calories a day while an average man needs about 2500 calories. Even though everyone knows this rule, many don’t listen to it. If you aren’t obsessed with a number of calories you take each day, and you still want to lose weight and improve your nutrition, you should know that cutting 500 calories a day can make you lose one pound a week. Here are some tips that might help you do that.

1. Move around

Any physical activity can actually help you lose weight, whether it was running, biking or simply walking. However, you can burn up to 350 calories a day just by moving your feet or hands. You probably know someone who is always restless, tapping their feet, clapping their hands and there is a high possibility that someone is slim. Walk around your room while you’re talking on the phone, move around a little, and you’re bound to cut those 500 calories.

2. Cut back on nuts

nuts-cut-backEven though nuts are perfectly healthy and a great source of protein, you should know that about three handfuls of oil-roasted nuts have about 550 calories, if you cut back on these, you will quickly lose that pound a week. However, if nuts are your addiction, be sure to replace roasted peanuts with pistachios, two handfuls of these nuts has only about 170 calories.

3. Eating in front of the TV

TV is one of the most dangerous menaces when it comes to the diet. According to the various researches from the world’s most prestigious Universities, eating in front of the TV will make you eat about 300 calories more than you would eat at the table. Replace your seat in front of the seat with the dining room chair and go for a short walk after your meal and you will lose 500 calories in no time.

4. Cut back on the salad toppings

Big salads are perfect for your diet, especially if you’re using fresh vegetables. However, too many toppings or dressings can make your salad as caloric as lasagna, and you wouldn’t want that. Try to cut back on the toppings, cheeses, and other caloric groceries. Use only one topping and if you’re afraid it would taste horrible, add roasted or grill veggies and you will be good to go.


5. Smaller Plates

Using smaller plates instead of 12-inch ones will make you eat up to 20% less, meaning you will be able to cut those 500 calories and you won’t even feel anything. Eating from smaller plates doesn’t mean you will be hungry after you’ve finished your meal, but it will surely make you eat more.