A Few Reasons We Love the Bowflex TreadClimber

Why do we love the Bowflex TreadClimber? It is a question that you may ask when you are looking for a machine for a low impact workout. There is no doubt in the fact that it is an incredible tool. From the premium brand of Bowflex, it has been introduced to offer optimum amount of delight. Best possible walking workout can be done with this machine.

For a low impact session with workout, Bowflex TreadClimber can be considered best possible choice available in the market. Calorie torching training schedule is often developed with the help of this device. Due to three in one design of this machine, it can be utilized as a treadmill easily. In addition, a person can utilize as an elliptical trainer and stair climber at the same time.

Like a moving belt, two treadles run along the line. It offers an incredible experience at the time of workout. Two times more calories can be burnt with this Bowflex TreadClimber in comparison to common treadmill. Due to rear of the machine, it has become possible to provide a safe platform.  The machines can easily hold a weight of 300 pounds easily.  Drive system of the device is quite reliable too. By using this machine, it becomes possible to reach to a speed of 4.5 mph which is certainly higher other workout machine. That said there are plenty of TreadClimber alternatives out there, so if this doesn’t look like it’s going to be the machine for you then shop around a bit!


Design of the device is quite spacious. It is also a reason why we love the Bowflex TreadClimber. Cup holders are provided to retain protein shake or juice. Following to a workout session, protein shake can be collected instantly for nourishment. There are some other features available with this machine too. The machine looks quite modern. Therefore, it may not hamper the appearance of the gym arena or the house in any possible way.

Display screen of the device is quite interactive too as it has been lit from the backside completely. Through the LCD screen, workout session can be monitored perfectly. Bluetooth connectivity can be enjoyed at the same time. Through the Bluetooth, sync with TreadClimber app and other fitness app can be done quite easily. USB may serve dual purpose quite easily. Therefore smart devices can be powered and utilized safely with the assistance from media holder.

Both time and speed can be tracked down easily through the LCD display. In addition, it offers information about the burnt calorie and distance covered also. Therefore, it can be considered as an ideal option to achieve fitness goal. User profiles of customized nature can be found also. In the storage, five workout schedules of built-in nature can be found too. Contact grip sensors are offered to look at the heart rate. Placement of the heart rate monitor can be found from the handlebars. There is no reason think about the longevity of the machine as it is presented with three years of warranty.

So what are our FAVORITE Features?

Unique Design: Incredible set up with 3-in- 1 design which is perfect for workout of low impact.

Compact: Due to compact design of the machine. It can be transported through wheels easily. Issues with the storage may not be seen also.

Customization: Data related to health can be monitored and retained easily to ensure a fit body.

Console: The area is quite roomy.

Like we said, There are plenty of TreadClimber alternatives out there too, like the Max Trainer for instance. I have one of these machines as well, and it really is an amazing piece of equipment. Either way, when it comes to Bowflex, you really can’t go wrong, so I encourage you to check out their full line of products if you’re in the market for great workout products!