Stop Overeating – Tips and Tricks

Warm meals, amazing smell, amazing taste, this all sounds great, but with such great meal who could resist overeating. Holidays are coming, tasty food too, and you are probably certain you will overeat during the Christmas dinner if you don’t change something.  This doesn’t mean you will stop eating or reject so carefully cooked meals, but you have to pay attention to the amount you will eat.

Here are some tips that could help you change your overeating habits

stop-overeatingOvereating once a year won’t be a big problem, however, if you do it often and you already put on a few pounds from eating too much food, it might be harder to change this habit. However, if your persistent and you really want to lose some weight, here is something you can do:

Say NO to Zombie Eating

Zombie Eating is, in fact, mindless eating; this recently became a enormous problem for our society. Change your habits, stop eating in front of the TV, stop munching while you are surfing the Internet or playing games. As someone who had a problem with eating caloric snacks during the movie, mindlessly and recklessly, I advise you to forget about the snacks and eating during these activities. While your mind is occupied with something else, you will eat uncontrollably and mindlessly causing you to overeat when you aren’t even hungry.

Take out and movies

eating tvTake-out food is okay but only if you’re focusing on your meal. Forget about the time when you could sit in front of your TV, watch your favorite TV show and eat the take-out. It will cause you to overeat as well as the snacks would, so be sure to turn off the TV before you get your food, or go to another room. If you have a dining room without a TV in it, eating in it would be the best possible way to prevent overeating. And also, use the plates even when you’re eating take-out.

Hide your snacks

People often leave the snacks and cookies on the table, whether they expect guests or not. If you have a problem with overeating and eating too often, hide snacks and cookies or don’t buy them at all. It won’t help you stop overeating if the snacks are always in your sight. If you want the snack, take a walk to the store, during the walk, you will decide if you really want the snack, and even if you want it, you certainly won’t overeat out of one treat.

Chatting and chewingChatting and chewing

If you are meeting with a friend for dinner you ought to make some limits for yourself. Talking while eating can only cause you to overeat, cut your food into two parts, when you eat the first ask yourself if you’re still hungry or full, then proceed to the other part. You can also use a fork as a limit, put it down after every second bite and think about your food.