Stay fit during the Holidays

Winter is coming, Christmas dinners, New Years Eve’s snacks also, these critical nights are almost here, and you don’t know how to stop eating and gaining weight? Here are some tips that might guide you through these few months safe and slim.

Painless strategies for losing weight

losing weightDuring the holiday season, no one wants to be worried and obsessed, especially if you have some major social events upcoming. You will always have to be happy, positive and enjoying which might be hard if you’re gaining weight. Here are some tips that might help you stay slim and happy during the upcoming holidays.

Measure your weight twice a week

Winter months are especially troublesome when it comes to weight loss, caloric food always on the table, coldness, holidays and so on. However, if you stick to this advice, you will be able to cut on the calories and maybe even lose some weight in the process. This won’t interfere with your holidays, but it will be just enough to stay on track. Be sure to weigh yourself early in the morning, before you eat your breakfast.


 Morning Workouts

After you’ve finished weighing yourself, and you ate your breakfast, start exercising a little. If you’re a fitness enthusiast, check with your coach to schedule your workouts for the morning hours. Researchers confirmed that working out in the morning would make you more active during the whole day, and you will also crave food less.


Pick your favorite food

When it comes to the holidays, dinner table will probably be full of different tasty meals, and you probably cannot taste them all even if you want to. Before you try to do that, remember that you need to be picky. Don’t start the dinner with the meal you want the least, start it with the favorite one, that way you won’t overeat because you couldn’t resist that delicious meaty dish.

Use your willpower

In this whole process, the thing that matters the most is your willpower. If you are persistent and you want to succeed in this adventure, your willpower has to be as hard as a rock. Deny the snacks, the sweets, the foods, every time you can. Practice to say no even to your favorite cookies. This way, you will be ready to politely decline the dessert at the Christmas dinner and control your cravings.

Don’t starve yourself just to be able to eat everything for the holiday dinner

Holding back and starving yourself, eating only veggies and salads so that you could overeat at the holiday dinner is everything but a good idea. Eat regularly, vegetables, sweets, meat, protein and even some snacks. Of course, you shouldn’t overeat, but eating moderately and mindfully will be perfect.

Don’t starve yourself


When it comes to the holiday season, it might be hard for you to fit the fitness or yoga class into your schedule, but don’t  worry there is always something you could do. Allocate at least 15 minutes of your time for a physical activity, fast walking, jumping rope, quick home workout and you will be happy and slim.